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Mussie Teklay and Jonatan Nothlev were coming almost every Monday at Cykel20 since autumn 2015.

They were spending a lot of time
together fixing bikes for sale. If you would peek inside the shop on Monday it looked like they are just like other volunteers. But they are not.

Mussie is a refugee from Barentu, Eritrea. Before he was forced to leave his home, Mussie was member of Eritrean bicycle team. His teammates participated in Tour de France. EUF organization contacted Cykel20 in hopes to help Mussie to integrate in Danish society and let him use his skills.  He was more than welcome at Cykel20 and at the beginning was working there together with Niels Peter. Unfortunately, shop administrator can’t always be at the shop and as most volunteer based organizations, there were no fixed schedule to pair someone with Mussie.

One day shop visited another customer looking for a bike. While helping out the customer, Niels Peter briefly explained that Cykel20 is volunteer organization, that fixes bikes, encourages artistic people, and spends all profit to buy food that is cooked for people in need. He also told about Mussie.  That customer, as you may guessed, was Johnathan who later became a volunteer and paired up with Mussie.

When Johnattan is free from his Applied Philosophy studies at AAU, he comes over to Cykel20, where he and Mussie fix bikes together. They communicate together in Danish, rarely using English. Most of conversations are dedicated to bicycles or their parts, so there is small room for confusion.

Mussie can express himself in simple Danish and passed his interview recently to get permission to stay for another 13 weeks and help at Cykel20. We would like to congratulate him and say big thank you to volunteers that helped Mussie, and special thankyou to Jonatan Nothlev for working together with him!


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