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About Cykel20


Cykel20 is a shop and a social project as well as the framework for a community around bikes and bike re-cycling . In Cykel20 we sell  stolen bicycles (do not worry – we don’t steal them, we provide them legally and under insurance ) , bicycle re-cycling ( creative things made ​​of bicycle scrap and etc . ) and other design stuff , profit from all of this helps us to focus on sustainability and support for social projects. All profits from the store go to the Social Café Heart Space – a community center for people with mental , social, alcohol – or health problems .

Coffee in the pot


With us, even the coffee is always hot. Drop in and have a cup with us , we always have a pot ready. It is absolutely free , but of course you are welcome to put some money into tip jar , if you want to support us.

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Re – Bicycle


Re – cycling Ltd. is a social enterprise that acquires bikes from different insurance companies . The bikes are inspected and repaired by a qualified bicycle mechanic .

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Mr.Cykel20 design


If you, like us and can’t get enough of Mr . Cykel20 , come and see our awesome T -shirts made by Kärt Koosapoeg

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Support Cykel20

Cykel20 is a social project , where all profits go to the Social Café Hjerterummet . The project is based solely on voluntary basis.